Gain deeper insights into your customers and your operations


Organisations have to understand what consumers want, and work the dynamics of supply and demand to fulfill that requirement. They need the best tools available to win customer and brand loyalty.

Analytics transform how consumers communicate, research and shop for goods and services. Pairing retail data analytics with social media insights and other internal and external, structured and unstructured data can help you find new and faster ways to optimize assortment, understand demand and engage consumers in a smaller, always-on world.

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Performance management and business analytics provide organizations with complete visibility into and across their supply chain. It brings together data residing in different
systems and at multiple levels of granularity.


Analyze trends in operations, and build financial models and sales forecasts to make better decisions about resources and suppliers as well as new products. Take pre-emptive action to prevent inventory shortfalls, delays and other events that hurt performance.

Maintain compliance

- Eliminate the high cost of storing paper and finding documents as well as manual processing
- Improve ompliance with multiple regulations in departments across the company
- Stronger security and tracking

Demo: Omni-channel retail

This demo dashboard breaks down traditional retail silos by combining and visualizing sales, returns, and customer information across all shopping channels; retail store, online store, call center, mobile store and catalogue.

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Shoppers' insights: Insider Perspectives

Based on a recent Alteryx and RetailWire survey of nearly 350 retailers and brand manufacturers, this infographic illustrates the top three ways progressive retailers are using shopper insights to drive marketing and merchandising decisions, common challenges preventing wider usage of shopper insights and enabling analytics, and key factors behind positive ROI from shopper insight initiatives.



Go far beyond that traditional support role and directly contribute to the strategic objectives of the business.

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Unlock the information in those sources and you'll unlock more revenue and more satisfied customer.

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Steer your business performance more effectively by providing the speed, agility and foresight you need to compete successfully.

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Marketing analytics provides marketers with the insights they need to gain superior results.

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