Deep dive into the vast amount of data to identify opportunities for new, innovative services


With the vast amount of data telecommunications companies accumulate, business models can be refined, if only insights can be gleaned from these data. Key business drivers center on becoming more customer centric, creating the operational synergies to efficiently bundle and deliver innovative products and services while broadening brand value.

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Predict churn customers

Deploy powerful data modeling software to reveal deep insights into customer behavior – predicting whether customers are likely to churn and which handsets they are likely to choose.

Create compelling advantage with compelling customer experience analytics

Extend customer lifetime value. Use agile analytics to quickly adapt to changing market demands. Reduce customer churn

Evaluate expansion prospects and find hidden opportunities

Finding new customers is a struggle for every business and a crucial part of any telecommunications companies analysis initiatives. Find an easier way of analysing networks for expansion opportunities.


Grow your competitive advantage in TV, mobile, internet and print

Transform key business processes, coordinate marketing, deliver convergent services, up sell, cross sell and enhance customer relationships.

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KPN transforms its approach to direct marketing

KPN used IBM® SPSS® Statistics to create propensity models for more than 30 key products. These models are used to mine customer data to discover which products are most likely to appeal to which customers.

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Go far beyond that traditional support role and directly contribute to the strategic objectives of the business.

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Unlock the information in those sources and you'll unlock more revenue and more satisfied customer.

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Steer your business performance more effectively by providing the speed, agility and foresight you need to compete successfully.

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Marketing analytics provides marketers with the insights they need to gain superior results.

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