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This powerful analysis tool provides a range of techniques, including ad-hoc analysis, hypothesis testing and reporting, to make it easier to access and manage data, select and perform analyses and share your results. The SPSS analysis tool offers a base edition with optional add-ons that can be activated to expand your predictive analytics capabilities as you need them.


Data Preparations

Cleaner data, better analysis

IBM SPSS Data Preparation performs advanced
techniques to streamline the data preparation
stage - delivering faster, more accurate data
analysis results. Analysts can choose from a
completely automated data preparation procedure
or select from several other methods.


Test model stability

IBM SPSS Bootstrapping makes model-stability
testing effective and easy. It estimates the sampling
distribution of an estimator by resampling with
replacement from the original sample. Estimate
the standard errors and confidence intervals
of a population parameter.

Advanced Statistics

Improve the accuracy of your analysis

Advanced Statistics provides a set of sophisticated
univariate and multivariate analytical techniques and
models. Gain deeper insights from data to
help solve real-world problems in disciplines
such as medical research, manufacturing,
pharmaceuticals and market research.


Expand data analysis capabilities

IBM SPSS Regression enables you to predict
categorical outcomes and apply various nonlinear
regression procedures. You can apply the
procedures to business and analysis projects where
ordinary regression techniques are limiting or
inappropriate. Expand SPSS Statistics capabilities.

Custom Tables

Summarize SPSS Statistics data

Display your analyses as presentation-quality,
production-ready tables. IBM SPSS Custom Tables
provides analytical capabilities to help you learn
from your data, and offers advanced features
that allow you to build tables people
can easily read and interpret.

Missing values

Draw more valid conclusions

IBM SPSS Missing Values is a critical
tool for anyone concerned about data validity.
Examine your data to uncover missing data
patterns, and then estimate summary statistics and
impute missing values through statistical algorithms.
Take missing data into account and remove hidden bias.


Visualize and explore relationships

Visualize and explore relationships in your data
and predict outcomes based on your findings.
It uses categorical regression procedures to predict.
The software features advanced techniques such as:
predictive analysis, statistical learning, perceptual mapping
and preference scaling.


Quickly develop reliable forecasts

IBM SPSS Forecasting provides advanced capabilities
to quickly develop reliable forecasts using time-series
data. People with less expertise can create
sophisticated forecasts that integrate multiple variables,
while experienced forecasters can use the
software to validate their models.

Decision Trees

Discover relationship between groups

Better identify groups, discover relationships between
them and predict future events.
IBM SPSS Decision Trees features highly
visual classification and decision trees to help
you present categorical results and more
clearly explain analysis to non-technical audiences.


Comprehensive, easy-to-use set of statistical tools that accelerate and simplify the entire analytical processes, giving the users the flexibility and access to powerful analytical techniques for conducting analysis effectively.

1) Comprehensive set of statistical tools

Instead of using multiple tools and resources, work within a single integrated software suite for faster results.

2) Improved decision-making

Quickly gain understanding and insights from data sets in any format using advanced statistical procedures, ensuring high accuracy to drive quality decision-making.

3) Flexible and cost-effective

Benefit from flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness. Manage users, licenses, downloads and updates in one place.

4) Data integration

Works with all common data types, external programming languages, operating systems and file types with flexible deployment options


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