Deliver Better IT Results with Powerful Analytics

Delivering advanced analytics to all of IT

IT is an essential part of nearly every organisation. So everyone needs to make better decisions, faster - ones that anticipate rather than react to organisational needs. Watson Analytics is a critical piece of the toolkit that every IT pro needs to drive this evolution and deliver better results, smarter insights, and high levels of proactivity.

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Data, data everywhere - use it to be proactive instead of reactive

Built-in capabilities for preparing data so you can save time. Enables you to join data from multiple tables into one data set to meet your specific analytical needs. Be in control of your data

Cognitive capabilities guide you to better understanding

Natural language dialogue enables Watson Analytics to not only understand what you want to know, but respond back to you in terms you understand. Find answers to questions you may not have thought to ask

End the break-fix model

Think ahead, anticipate needs and act strategically. Choose one or more areas to target for improvement or prediction, and then search for the top influencers in these areas


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Improve IT help desk operations with help from Watson Analytics

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Moving beyond single-source analytics: Working with data in Watson Analytics


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