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Making Advanced Analytics Easier for Finance

Watson Analytics is a powerful and intuitive solution for analysing a broad range of information, not just from finance but also from your entire organisation. At the same time time, you can use the unique capabilities of Watson Analytics to help you create reliable plans and communicate your findings with compelling visualisations. With predictive analytics easily accessible in planning, reporting and analysis, we are at the dawn of a new era - where you help the business make better decisions by anticipating the future. Now, Watson Analytics is bringing next-generation analytics to finance professionals in every organisation and at every level of the business.

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Up your planning game with fact-based decisions

Provides a fast, clear and accessible way to make fact-based plans that can safeguard revenue and improve performance in upcoming quarters. Easy to ask questions and get answers in plan language

Understand revenue, profit and cash flow

Uncover hidden relationships and identify the trends behind revenue, profit and cash flow

From accounts receivable outstanding to outstanding accounts receivable

In just a few clicks, you have ideas for improving payments and re-examining the billing cycle for customers with high invoice amounts


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Anticipate payment delays and prioritise accounts receivable with Watson Analytics

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Exploring banking loss event data with Watson Analytics


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