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Is your organisation struggling with too much paper? Losing track of critical documents in multiple programmes? Is the specter of compliance keeping you up at night? Losing control of your information can put your organisation at risk. But you can take control with a strategic enterprise content management (ECM) solution.

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Discover how OnBase helps your organization take charge of its critical business information. To find out more - and get a glimpse of OnBase in action – check out our short informational demo by clicking on the link below.

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Document Generation and Distribution

- Automatically generate documents using existing system data.

- Standardizes the creation and completion of forms.

- Facilitate content sharing.

Process Automation

- Automates repetitive tasks and rule-based decisions.
- Routes documents and exceptions to the right people.

- Manages complex approval processes.

- Load-balances work across teams.

Document Capture

- Variety of scanning solutions for any location.

- Automated data capture using OCR, ICR and barcodes.

- Intelligent classification and extraction capabilities for both structured and semi-structured documents.


Discover how OnBase can free you from the burden of too much paper, let you access your information from any of your business programmes, and make your business processes flow at the speed of light.

5 Ways To Transform Your Contract Management Process

Ineffective contract management can negatively impact your bottom line by up to 9% of annual revenue.

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Ullrich Aluminium Company

OnBase speeds up AP and AR processes, saving staff 80+ hours a week

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Streamline processes, positively impact your bottom line

  • Allows customers, constituents and students to complete forms and make requests online
  • Speeds processes by automating predictable decisions and providing useful tools to manage all surrounding tasks
  • Allows easy enforcement of your security policies, controls access and tracks activities


Cloud-based file sync and share files without losing ownership

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Configure data-driven applications, automate repetitive processes and manage supporting documents all in one platform

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Rapidly configure content-enabled business applications with a low-code platform

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Minimizes manual data entry and speeds processes from point of origination

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