Are you new to data science and don’t know (or even care) when to use a decision tree or a logistic regression? We’re here to help. DataRobot automates the best practices of the world's top data scientists in software so you can build and compare machine learning models with no experience or coding necessary. You’ll discover new insights about your business, and be equipped to deliver recommendations in a fraction of the time.

Benefits to Business Analysts

Become a citizen data scientist with machine learning skills, and take your career to new heights. Backed by the world’s most advanced automated machine learning platform.

Get started immediately

If you use tools like Tableau, Alteryx, or Excel, and have a good understanding of your business and data, then you have everything you need to get started. DataRobot will automate the laborious math and coding components of data science, and deliver beautiful visualizations that explain what’s going on during every step in the process.

Deliver predictive insights

Progress from business analyst to citizen data scientist without advanced training and coding. DataRobot automatically tests hundreds of advanced algorithms to build the optimal model, delivering predictive insights to your business in hours, not months. Built-in guardrails help you identify data problems and other errors so you can feel more productive and valuable.

Communicate recommendations

In addition to automatically building machine learning models, DataRobot delivers business insights so you can identify the most important drivers of your business metrics, identify key words within freeform text, and understand the logic behind each decision your model makes. Then, export visuals to support your findings to make creating presentations easy.


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Automate the feature engineering, model building, and deployment process using powerful machine learning algorithms and best practices from the world's top data scientists.

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