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Why DataRobot?

The platform incorporates the knowledge, experience, and best practices of the world’s leading data scientists, delivering unmatched levels of automation, accuracy, transparency, and collaboration to help you create an AI-driven enterprise.

Product Personalisation

Businesses need to provide highly personalized product and service offerings – but it is not practical or scaleable for human teams to understand and adapt to the individual preferences of millions of customers.

DataRobot chooses the most accurate model that works best for your data from hundreds the most powerful open-source algorithms, enabling businesses to target and personalize content and product recommendations, resulting in increased customer engagement, brand value, and sales.

Cyber Security

With intrusive hacking becoming both more sophisticated and widespread, it’s imperative to collect and use historical data on accounts, machines, and equipment that may have been attacked, in order to predict, identify, and prevent potential new threats.

DataRobot uses a variety of data sources and runs multiple algorithms that allow operators and analysts to identify, predict, and take action against potential security threats before they happen.

Finding Duplicate Records in Your Database

Database containing duplicate customer records due to spelling mistakes, changes in customer information.

DataRobot’s automated text mining and state-of-the-art algorithms are perfect for analyzing customer records, turning an overwhelming administrative project into a focused task that adds immediate value.

AI You Can Trust

Learn why Forrester believes all companies can benefit from a standalone automated machine learning solution

Moving from Business Intelligence to Machine Learning

Early adopters of automated machine learning tout unprecedented speed to insight and enhanced competitive advantage.

Automated Machine Learning Drives Competitive Advantage

Uncover business insights hidden in large repositories of data from sources to make informed decisions.

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