Our Costa Rican attorney, Roger Petersen, stated the Helicopter Brothers had been the neighborhood form of the mafia and Don ended up being loaning them money. This is why we included “disappearance” as a conference that will activate the charged power of Attorney. I am certain lawyer Joe Fritz is proper that this really is uncommon. It made sense that is perfect this example provided the things I ended up being told by Don and also by Peterson about Costa Rica and Don’s transactions there during the time. Joe Fritz being listed as “Don’s Attorney” had been misleading. Joe Fritz had been Anne McQueen’s lawyer throughout the conservatorship. See this page where Joe Fritz talks about Anne being who owns a $1,250,000.00 life insurance coverage on Don Lewis and about complying with all the court’s order that she get back the funds and properties she ended up being nevertheless keeping. Joe Fritz Had Been Anne McQueen’s Attorney

Flying to Costa Rica. The whole conversation of whether Don’s tiny planes could travel to Costa Rica had been completely unimportant. The planes could maybe maybe not far fly that with no one ever advised they might. Don had bought a true range properties in Costa Rica and after his disappearance among the caretakers called and explained there were individuals reporting seeing him here. This is the reason that is only urged the authorities to analyze here. However the show appears to indicate I happened to be suggesting he travelled one of his true planes here.

The Van and Airport. The claim ended up being created by Kenny Farr that the authorities failed to examine the van.

It absolutely was the authorities whom discovered the van during the airport, perhaps maybe perhaps not me personally. (more…)

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