Confronting Race & Intercourse with Jet Setting Jasmine

Podcast: Enjoy in brand new screen | down load (Duration: 1:10:51 — 32.6MB)

We’ve an in-depth conversation with porn producer, performer, mentor, kinkster, a multifaceted businesswoman, a mom of three, a medical psychological state specialist, gerontologist, adult movie star and all-round awesome individual “Jet Setting Jasmine”.

We speak about a numerous topics which can be near and dear not only towards the BDSM that is black, but everybody in alternate lifestyle like swingers, poly or kinksters.

Generational trauma: Black folks have been mentally and actually mistreated into the past, plus some care that upheaval together with them take into account the optics of suspending someone from a tree or employing a whip in public areas. How do we as a dominant improve our skills and stay mindful among these problems. (more…)

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