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I’m maybe not also planning to enter into the remainder with this terrible game (oh, I enjoy exactly exactly how its tale is being considered cannon dispite the truth that it entirely contradicts celebrity wars cannon from even simply a decade ago. Lucas changes the “cannon” whenever he feels as though it. The dark forces publications are typical in regards to the development of this rebellion, now that lucas has a game that is new sell, I suppose THIS is the real tale of the way the rebellion began: P its such a sad joke that i ever troubled to worry about celebrity wars whenever its clear also lucas doesnt really care beyond just just what fanboys and fangirls can perform fo rhis bank account)

I simply wished to state this: juno eclipse is just a stupid character, for the reason that she actually is lower in cleverness, in both just how she appears, exactly how her vocals actress noises, within the undeniable fact that it is impossible a lady would ever hold that high a ranking within the kingdom. Relating to just just what was previously star wars cannon, imperials were sexist. There clearly was a female admiral that is grand one guide and she chatted endlessly exactly how hard it absolutely was for ladies. We now have one having a uniform that shows down her cleavage?! (more…)

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