Good sense says

  • R
  • 2008
  • 103 moments

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The moms and dads’ help guide to what exactly is in this film.

Plenty of jokes made at the cost of women ( most are therefore sexist as to be utterly contemptuous) and periodically guys. Stereotypes are propagated; some figures cheat, lie, and deceive but are magically forgiven since they’re intimately appealing. Bad behavior is depicted as worthy to be rewarded and niceness to be poor. Some good depictions of friendships.

Two men battle over a lady; partners yell, scream at, and insult each other.

Strippers bare their breasts while doing lap and pole dances; partners straddle each other whilst having sex, although the digital digital camera shows these with their bottoms on; a nude rear is flashed briefly; passionate kissing; a lot of crass jokes about copulation and other intimate functions, some in more detail; a daddy utilizes their son as their wingman while picking right on up ladies at pubs after which makes enjoyable of him for dropping in love; porn DVDs are strewn about, their titles and cover art visible; adult toys are shown.

Regular utilization of strong language, including “f–k, ” “p—y, ” “a–hole, ” “s–t, ” and “bitch. “


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