Anonymous | Apr 24, 2017

Arjun have been my closest friend since course adult web chat 10, which suggested that people was indeed friends for 9 years. We were quite near to each other and enjoyed one another, but just as buddies and absolutely nothing more. He knew every thing I mean everything… My breakups, my secrets, my boyfriends about me; and by everything. He used to understand what was going on in my mind without me speaking even a word. He used to playfully tease me personally by saying me better than my boyfriend that he was my best friend who knew.

Many individuals utilized to consider that there clearly was something taking place involving the two of us but I never ever seriously considered him by doing this.

My boyfriend along with other buddies accustomed tell me that Arjun liked me personally but we never paid any awareness of them because with me and I was the most important person in his life for me, the most important thing was that Arjun was. (more…)

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