Manage knowledge-driven work and automate
repeatable processes.


On a single platform, OnBase provides case management and business process management (BPM) capabilities, empowering you to manage and improve both unstructured work and structured and repeatable processes.

An award-winning case management framework which supports dynamic (and often unpredictable), people-driven work with solutions in areas like service requests, incident management and investigations.

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Case Management System (CMS)

- Work smarter with a 360-degree view into the information users need to make smart decisions.

- Reporting dashboards and audit trails of all activities for increased visibility and control.

Business Process Management (BPM)

- Business activity monitoring and dashboards for instant visibility into the health of your system and your business.

- Streamline and simplify document approval processes.

- Eliminate paper, expedite processes and improve information accuracy with customized electronic forms.

Point-And-Click Configurable Platform

- Create content-enabled applications on one platform.

- Minimise time and cost of building, managing and upgrading multiple systems by creating content-enabled applications.

- Workflow automation with a rich set of point-and-click configurable rules and actions without need for custom coding.


Discover how OnBase can free you from the burden of too much paper, let you access your information from any of your business programmes, and make your business processes flow at the speed of light.

Solution Summary: Mobile Healthcare Overview

Solution Summary: Secure access to the complete patient record anytime, anywhere.

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Does your EPR provide a complete view of information?

If estimates are correct, up to 60 percent of relevant clinical data resides outside of the EPR. This leaves your staff and clinicians without easy access to all the information they need to make accurate, timely decisions, manage processes and provide superior patient care and service.

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Manage knowledge-driven work and automate repeatable processes

  • Case Management: Equips organization to solve a wide range of business problems all on one central platform, facilitating better decisions and high-value exceptions.
  • Business Process Management (BPM): Optimize business processes with automated workflows and provide instant visibility to monitor your business’s overall health.


Cloud-based file sync and share files without losing ownership

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Rapidly configure content-enabled business applications with a low-code platform

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Manages enterprise content from the point of inception until final archival and destruction

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Minimizes manual data entry and speeds processes from point of origination

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