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Introduction to IBM SPSS Complex Samples

1 Day | 9:30am to 4:30pm

600 North Bridge Road, #12-05 Parkview Square, Singapore 188778

PRICE: S$550+

17 February 2020

Course Code: 0G023

Do you conduct studies that involve complex samples? In this one-day course, learn the concepts and issues relevant to complex sampling, and how to use the SPSS Complex Samples add-on module to create a sampling design or enter an existing one, select probability-based samples and produce statistical summaries adjusted for the sampling plan.

Target Audience:

This basic course is for:
-Survey researchers who conduct studies that involve complex samples.
-Analysts who work with survey data from complex samples.


You should have:
-On-the-job experience with SPSS for Windows or completion of the Introduction to
SPSS or Statistical Analysis with SPSS courses.
-Basic knowledge of statistics and sampling methodology will be helpful

Course Outline:

1. Sampling basics
2. Probability and nonprobability samples
3. Sampling error
4. A sample SPSS Complex Samples session
5. Setting up a sampling plan
o Stratification and clustering
o One - and two - stage sampling designs
6. Entering an existing sampling plan
7. Data format and entry
8. Frequencies and descriptive summaries
9. Crosstabulation tables and tests of independence
10. Ratio estimation
11. General Linear Models
o T-Tests
o Linear Regression
12. Logistic Regression

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