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Advanced Statistical Analysis Using IBM SPSS Statistics

3 Days | 9:30am to 4:30pm

600 North Bridge Road, #12-05 Parkview Square, Singapore 188778

PRICE: S$2,100+

Available Training Dates: 12-14 December 2018

Course Code: 0G093

In this three-day seminar you will consider in depth some of the more advanced statistical procedures that are available in SPSS. You'll take a look at several advanced statistical techniques and discuss situations when each may be used, the assumptions made by each method, how to set up the analysis using SPSS and how to interpret the results.

Target Audience:

This advanced course is for:
- Anyone who has worked with SPSS for Windows and wants to
become better versed in the more advanced statistical capabilities
of SPSS for Windows.
- Anyone who has a solid understanding of statistics and wants to
expand their knowledge of appropriate statistical procedures and
how to set them up using SPSS


You should have:
-On the job statistical experience or completion of the Statistical Analysis using SPSS and/or Intermediate courses
-Advanced statistical knowledge or at least two college level courses in StatisticsExperience with SPSS for Windows Base System, SPSS Advanced Statistics or SPSS Professional Statistics

Course Outline:

1. Factor Analysis
2. K-Means Cluster Analysis
3. TwoStep Cluster Analysis
4. Binary Logistic Regression
5. Mulitnomial Logistic Regression
6. Discriminant Analysis
7. Nearest Neighbour Analysis
8. Kaplan-Meier Analysis
9. Cox Regression
10. Generalized Linear Models
11. Linear Mixed Model

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