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Why Tableau?

When it comes to elevating people with the power of data, only Tableau combines a laser focus on how people see and understand data with the kind of robust, scalable platform you need to run even the world’s largest organizations.

Powerful Analytics

Interactive, visual analysis lets you untangle thorny business questions and quickly get to the insights that propel your business forward.

Fast Adoption at Scale

End-to-end analytics platform for everyone - whether you’re building workbooks and dashboards, asking questions of published analyses, or responsible for drawing insights from data.

Fits Your Environment

Flexibility to work within your enterprise architecture and data ecosystem. Connect to your data stored on-prem or in the cloud. Work with your data your way.

Mission-Critical Platform

From compliance and security to management and monitoring, Tableau offers a suite of built-in capabilities to support the needs of your business and the ability to integrate with existing systems.

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

JPMC relied on legacy tools which created inefficiencies and replication of data, resulting in confusion and inaccuracies. Even with business intelligence solutions, it took months to assess campaigns for effectiveness.

With Tableau, data barriers are removed and business groups are empowered to solve problems and answer questions of their own data, while adhering to financial services industry compliance and regulations, along with internal data governance standards.


Each department had its own reporting system with no uniform standards. Development of new analysis had to be formally applied for in the IT department and often took a long time because of the high workload, which resulted in a constantly growing backlog.

With Tableau, departments are more independent of the IT department.Users are able to consolidate different data sources in a fast and interactive format, adhering to uniform standards and key performance indicators throughout the Group.

Providence St.Joseph

Providence needs a holistic understanding of patient health and satisfaction levels, cost of care, patient-reported outcomes, and other data to optimize quality of care as well as improve the patient and provider experience.

With Tableau, these dashboards allow practitioners and clinicians to see analytics that pertain to every hospital, clinician and individual nursing unit. This data transparency has been associated with substantial improvements in quality measures and large reductions in cost of care.

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