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Healthcare Analytics Tour 2016

In today’s demanding healthcare landscape, healthcare analytics and data management can be said to be the most crucial tools needed to support healthcare transformation. However, effective analytics must move beyond conventional dashboards and reporting capabilities, and allow users to discover key insights which lead to improvements in care, reduced costs and delivering higher value to patients.

Join us for this half day session and find out how your organization can build the foundation to meet tomorrow's healthcare demands, today. 


Learn about:

  • Improving patient care with analytics
    With the deluge of information at our disposal, an essential element of the decision-making process, and perhaps the most important aspect of all, is having this data presented by strong visual analytics.

  • Best practices for healthcare analytics
    Visualize how your daily routine may transform through the demonstrations of existing healthcare applications and healthcare analytics dashboard design showcase.

  • Case study of Sydney Local Health District
    Sydney Local Health District is a leader in healthcare, home to world renowned hospitals Royal Prince Alfred and Concord Repatriation General. The District needed a platform to pull it together to help engage the clinicians and managers. Find out how Qlik does it for them. 

  • Capturing Critical Patient Information and Digitising Unstructured Data*
    Physicians and staff no longer need to spend time hunting down patient information. Capturing these data and managing them from one place allow healthcare staff to spend more time with patients.

  • Improving Patient Services by Getting Immediate Access to Documents*
    Time is precious in the healthcare sector. With immediate access to supporting documents, user productivity is heightened and decision making process expedited.

* Only for Singapore and Thailand events.


View Event Agenda for Singapore, 16 Feb 2016

View Event Agenda for Malaysia, 17 Feb 2016

View Event Agenda for Thailand, 18 Feb 2016


Watch the videos below to learn more about what QlikView and OnBase can do for you.



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