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Easy-to-use self-service visualization, accelerated by machine assistance and automation, for creating analytics and preparing data from spreadsheets to big data


Empower every user to explore and discover insights in your data with highly interactive and intuitive dashboards.


Open APIs and complete developer tools enable you to embed analytics, build custom analytics apps, or create new visualizations.


Deliver great-looking reports quickly and easily in a variety of popular formats, including Office and pixel perfect PDFs.

THE STORY: TWG International

• At TWG International, the team uses Qlik to transform data into useful information to identify and acquire additional food businesses to support their company’s business expansion plans.​

• TWG used to rely on a logistics manager’s working knowledge and opinion on optimising delivery schedules. But today, Qlik’s integrated system allows them to systematically create the most efficient routes and loading techniques.

THE STORY: LincolnHealth

• With a limited number of hospital beds in each facility, LincolnHealth uses Qlik to see occupancy trends so they can accommodate more critical patients by better utilizing the available continuum of care.

• When it comes to learning new things, Qlik helps LincolnHealth bring data together for internal benchmarking so they can pull facts from outside systems and easily compare their performance against competitors.

THE STORY: Subaru Corporation

• In an industry where 20K parts in design can become 40K parts in practice, Mr. Nonaka is able to reduce the reoccurring issue of over-ordering parts during the development process.

• Cross-department friction is minimized by the unified view of inventory and manufacturing processes Qlik provides the teams

• With improved compliance rates for deadline delivery powered by Qlik, Mr. Nonaka helped unify information throughout the organization. ​​

Gartner's choice for a Magic Quadrant Leader

Qlik has been named a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms for the 9th Year in a row.

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