Eliminate the time, cost and complexity of accessing and analyzing data from your Oracle systems. Empower your business or clinical users to perform their own analysis to support fast and often critical business decisions.

Access Business Answers Hidden in Oracle
Many business processes run on Oracle systems but access to business intelligence (BI) data is difficult. Neither spreadsheet analysis nor a complex stack of BI products provide the business intelligence visibility or speed needed to make quick business decisions. Frustrated users wait days and weeks for updated analysis and reporting, impacting performance.

The QlikView business intelligence (BI) solution and its unique, in-memory associative technology, lets Oracle customers worldwide:

  • Reduce the time to make decisions that drive better business performance
  • Empower business users to perform their own analysis and reporting with Google-like simplicity (reducing required IT support for BI by up to 90%)
  • Combine and analyze data easily from Oracle and non-Oracle sources (with or without data warehousing)
  • Respond to new analysis and reporting demands within hours
  • Implement or upgrade analytics for any existing Oracle infrastructure within days, not months

Powerful, affordable analytics without the confusion
The hours required for skilled staff to work on spreadsheets or to maintain cube-based BI add substantial operational expense. As Oracle continues to consolidate recent acquisitions and create “heterogeneous” analytics solutions with “Fusion” middleware for cube technology, Oracle customers face increasing levels of BI complexity and escalating maintenance costs. QlikView, through its unique, in-memory approach, provides more flexible business intelligence (BI) analysis and immediate, measurable business value with no risk, minimal investment and without having to commit substantial resources.