Provide intuitive access, comprehensive analytics and sophisticated visualization to the data that is in your Big Data store. Enable Business Discovery with instant user-driven analysis on your Hadoop-based Cloudera system.

Extract maximum value from your Cloudera investment
Cloudera offer industry-leading commercial solutions for storing, managing and accessing Hadoop-based Big Data solutions. By combining Cloudera and QlikView’s associative in-memory platform, business users can perform quick, flexible, visual, ad hoc analysis and reporting to enable Business Discovery on their Big Data systems.

QlikView provides an analytics and discovery layer for Cloudera customers:

  • Extract full value from Big Data: QlikView puts a fourth ‘V’ into Big Data – Value – by allowing Cloudera customers to go the ‘last mile’ with their Big Data investments. QlikView puts Big Data into context with other data stores and provides relevant analytics capabilities.
  • Deploy quickly: Deploy individual analyses and reporting solutions in weeks or days using QlikView. Leverage Cloudera’s Hive and Impala infrastructure to quickly create analytic applications that fit your needs. Expedite and simplify the process of analyzing relevant data from Cloudera via their Hive or Impala solutions.
  • Ease of use: QlikView is easy for business people to use and IT pros to manage. Most users become productive with QlikView after less than one hour of training
  • Choose the best model for your needs: The Qlikview hybrid approach to Big Data connectivity provides the best possible combination of the in-memory QlikView engine coupled with a direct access query engine (Business Discovery) leveraging the power and massive depth of data repository that is driving the Cloudera solutions

Bring Big Data to life with relevance and context
Big Data systems contain tremendous amounts of important – and often hidden – information. Cloudera offers solutions to make storing, managing and accessing Hadoop-based Big Data systems straightforward for people who don’t necessarily have the programming skills needed for Map-Reduce programming. Whether through Hive or their own Impala solution, people who work with data have a much more intuitive interface to work with their data. The QlikView connector for Cloudera leverages Cloudera’s Hive and Impala technologies to make accessing the data – and analyzing it – in QlikView a straightforward and seamless process for data managers and developers.