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QlikView for Public Sector

Business Discovery for Public Sector

Balance your service with fiscal responsibility for your agency, educational institution or association. Implement performance improvements with minimal time and cost. Deliver quick, visible results through better service, transparency and public accountability.

Solving Modernization Challenges

Data silos prevent a holistic view of programs performances and spending; in turn, causing inefficiencies. Pressure to contain costs, improve performance and show accountability demand solutions that can help the modernization programs the government to transform traditional processes.

Using QlikView, leading government, educational and non-profit organizations can:

  • Transform disconnected, manual procedures to automated, collaborative processes
  • Meet the growing pressures to do more with less by giving business users access to the data they need, when they need it most
  • Expand and monitor citizen self-service through e-government websites and call centers
  • Achieve higher levels of performance, transparency and program accountability
  • Identify where and how to best improve processes; through accessing consolidated information across the Agency

The QlikView Customer Experience

Discover why more than 500 government agencies, educational organizations and non-profit associations worldwide have turned to QlikView to overcome information challenges and improve performance.

Deeper visibility transforms processes fast and cost-effectively

Civilian government, educational institutions and non-profit agencies must increase efficiency to meet the growing demands of the citizens. This shift toward a more technology-driven population requires that citizens interact with the government the same ways they interact with other organizations.

Defense and intelligence agencies are continually searching for ways to improve operational readiness and performance, while reducing redundant systems and infrastructure. QlikView’s flexible access to data across internal systems and external sources provides the visibility needed to modernize processes fast and cost-efficiently, and show immediate return on investment.

By the Numbers: Public Sector

    Time to Value

43% Deployed QlikView in < 1 Month

      Tangible Benefits
50 applications used across Devon & Cornwall Police
30% Increase in Revenue

    Cost of Ownership
38% of the TCO of Other Solutions (Total)

  Success & Satisfaction
50% Return on Investment