Medical Devices

QlikView for Medical Devices

QlikView Drives Medical Devices and Diagnostic Success to Improve Patient Outcomes

Exploit the intelligence hidden in customer and operational data to your competitive advantage. Make smarter business decisions. Enable innovation throughout your enterprise.

The Link between Information and Innovation

Medical device manufacturers win on innovation, not price. The QlikView Business Discovery platform makes it easier to uncover and capture the insights that drive innovation through clear, integrated views of information from disparate data sources.

With QlikView, medical device companies can:

  • Use deep analytics to assess new business opportunities and risks
  • Reduce the time and cost of clinical trials and product approvals
  • Increase manufacturing and supply chain efficiency
  • Improve targeting of healthcare providers and caregivers who purchase and recommend products
  • Secure reimbursements with data-backed product effectiveness analysis

The QlikView Customer Experience

Discover why more than 100 medical device manufacturers worldwide have turned to QlikView to overcome information challenges and improve performance.

Business answers for navigating a complex marketplace

In addition to common manufacturing challenges, medical device companies must overcome obstacles of different regulatory requirements in world markets, varying reimbursement systems among payers of healthcare, and convergence with drug-related technologies, attracting new competition from large pharmaceutical companies. QlikView has helped medical device manufacturers more profitably navigate this complex and expanding global marketplace.

Enabling Innovative Products, Processes and People


Simplify the job with better answers and process

Companies need more automated and agile processes to manage and report financial performance. Manually intensive procedures and poor visibility into accounting processes and the underlying data create obstacles. With QlikView, financial executives can:

  • Automate processes to consolidate financial reporting
  • Track P/L views from the enterprise to individual cost centers
  • Improve financial controls and predictability of performance
  • Follow progress toward revenue targets with scorecard KPIs
  • Reduce the time and cost of regulatory compliance (IFRS, SOX, etc.)


Let information drive the process

When looking to reduce production costs, medical device manufacturers must still ensure the quality and safety of products and comply with regulations that govern facilities and processing methods. Required electronic record keeping for medical equipment adds further incentives to modernize processes. With QlikView, production planners and managers can:

  • Quickly analyze when best to outsource and to whom
  • Refine/extend process improvement methodologies (Six Sigma, Lean)
  • Work with dashboards and reporting customized to area of responsibility
  • Integrate production data with other business and compliance data
  • Extend operational cost reductions beyond the production floor


Improve predictability of R&D investments

Smart R&D ensures long-term competitiveness. Robust analytics and predictive modeling help identify and execute the best opportunities. Using QlikView, senior executives and research teams:

  • Share cross-functional visibility with sales, marketing and new discovery
  • Focus on projects that deliver highest value and best fit with corporate strategy
  • Accelerate clinical trial processes and regulatory approvals
  • Simplify data exchange for complex trials with multiple collaborators

Regulatory Compliance

Minimize compliance risks and costs

Companies tend to approach each compliance requirement as a separate management program. Best practice medical device companies centralize compliance governance across their enterprise processes. Using QlikView, corporate compliance officers:

  • Implement an enterprise compliance architecture
  • Collect, organize, and analyze large volumes of compliance data
  • Standardize analysis and reporting for a myriad of regulatory standards
  • Track effectiveness of compliance programs
  • Reduce the risk and cost of compliance

Sales & Marketing

Reach the right audience

Healthcare facilities and physicians use medical devices tailored to their practice requirements. Patients use medical devices and supplies that their caregivers recommend. Targeting the right audience defines the success of marketing campaigns and field force effectiveness. With QlikView, sales and marketing teams can:

  • Improve facility/physician/caregiver profiling and segmentation
  • Target the most viable customers for sales success
  • Track real-time campaign and sales performance on dashboards
  • Share customers’ feedback on product satisfaction with manufacturing and R&D
  • Accelerate updates to e-detailing websites and marketing campaigns within days

Supply Chain

Integrate your global supply chain

Supply and distribution channels can vary considerably by geography, product type, local regulatory approvals, commercial relationships, and other factors. Variances can have a direct effect on cost and competitiveness. With QlikView, supply chain managers can:

  • Increase collaboration with customers and partners
  • Improve visibility into inventories at distributors and major pharmacies
  • Reduce stock outages, surpluses and operational costs
  • Track quality of work outsourced and performance of contract manufacturers