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Raise the bar for Higher Education with document management

Now is the time. Time for you to choose a safe, reliable, ready-for-the-future document management solution that can work campus-wide. Time for admissions, enrollment and the registrar – even back office areas such as human resources, finance and business operations – to seamlessly work together toward finding and retaining the best and brightest students. It’s time to find a scalable, future-ready solution that works for every department.

Enrollment Management
OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) helps Admissions, Financial Aid and Registrar's offices streamline operations, increasing efficiency and responsiveness to keep them out in front

Institutional Advancement
Ensure your institution’s success in securing, maintaining and growing a substantial fund and a sizeable, reliable donor population with OnBase

Other Campus Solutions
By replacing paper-based filing and routing with electronic files and process automation capabilities, OnBase removes the headaches and bottlenecks from administrative processes

SIS Integrations
OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) integrates with your SIS, extending the value existing IT systems while optimizing processes 

The OnBase enterprise content management software suite integrates with your line-of-business systems all across your campus, replacing cumbersome, inefficient and discrete procedures with streamlined, simpler and connected ones. By digitizing, standardizing and automating your document management processes, OnBase allows you to run campus-wide solutions more effectively, so you and your teams can focus on high-value tasks, stay ahead of the curve and improve workflow processes across the board.

See what other institutions already know – OnBase frees you of the labor-intensive, repetitive, error-prone tasks, allowing you to spend time doing the high-value work your department is there to do. As one of the most experienced players in higher education document and workflow management, we know this territory better than most. It’s time to get to know us better.

Ahead of the competition: Admissions solution delivers decisions one month earlier

Case couldn’t keep up with a planned increase in application volume with a paper-based process. Case now uses OnBase to automate the process from receipt to decision letter, handling a 60 percent increase in applications without adding staff or overtime.

Beating the competition: faster decisions and better service attracts best-fit students

IUPUI was losing potential students because Admissions decisions were taking up to eight weeks to send out. By integrating OnBase and PeopleSoft, decisions go out in only two weeks and the school provides better customer service.

Full speed ahead: Faster enrollment management in 90 days

Like many schools, Monmouth was struggling with rising applications but stationary staff numbers. With OnBase, the university was up in only 90 days, including an integration with its Datatel SIS. Now, OnBase speeds processes in 10 areas university-wide.

Get on board: nine university departments go live in one year

As a campus standard, SU is implementing OnBase in new departments quickly and efficiently, while keeping IT resources to a minimum. With OnBase, universities like SU find a solution that allows them to increase productivity, decrease paper and storage costs and bring a competitive advantage to areas throughout the institution.

Leading the way: how a campus-wide ECM standard rapidly extends value

OU needed a solution that could be a university standard, but only be supported by one person. OU now runs OnBase in more than 10 departments and integrates ECM with the Oracle E-Business Suite while keeping maintenance and cost of ownership low.

Online university cuts processing time by 50 percent

Half-paper, half-electronic records were slowing down processes that helped students register for classes. Now, all paper documents are scanned into OnBase, cutting processing time by 50 percent.


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