Deliver Better Sales Results with Powerful Analytics

Better Insights Equal Better Sales

Watson Analytics gives you the opportunity to look at historical data as well as a range of information on current and past customers and deals to make confident decisions about your sales efforts. Greater insight into your past wins and losses, customer profiles and pipeline data all amount to fewer wasted resources and stronger sales numbers. If you want to close more deals faster and retain your most valuable existing customer, it will take a service like Watson Analytics that makes data analysis easy and fast for every sales person, delivering insight when and where they need it.

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The right data at the right time

Automatically aggregate data and give you immediate access with mouse clicks and an intuitive interface rather than programming and painful data preparation

Unlock insights from the entire sales cycle

A new way to process and look at historical data, including deals closed, deals still open, sales by territory or region and customer demographics. Easily paint an overall picture of sales in dashboard that make it simpler to analyse information and identify trends

Explore customer and sales data visually

Automatically suggest appropriate visualisations based on the available data and open new doors for data exploration, communication and collaboration


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Identify key factors that drive customer behaviour data to improve retention

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Watson Analytics guides a skeptic to improved holiday sales planning


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