Optimize IT performance

Information Technology

Expectations are set. IT is more than just infrastructure. You have to go far beyond that traditional support role and directly contribute to the strategic objectives of the business.

Analytics helps IT professionals to get a complete, holistic, view of helpdesk data, which improves tracking, analysis and management of IT queues, turning all the information you have about your department into efficient, effective operations.

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IT infrastructure

Predict technology needs and manage inventory distribution. Track equipment inventory, distribution and ownership. Forecast and align technology spend to organizational needs. Manage IT asset lifecycle costs.

Software and licensing management

Optimize the purchase, maintenance, utilization and disposal of software assets—from procurement to disposal. Reduce costs by preventing over payments, unnecessary purchases and inflated maintenance. Increase visibility into software license usage across the organization.

Network governance

Ensure data quality. Improve system efficiency. Monitor and manage log analysis. Identify and investigate unusual activity. Minimize and re-mediate potential risks.


Demo: Helpdesk management

Explore this demo to see an example of how you can help optimize IT performance by analyzing backlogs, prioritizing cases and studying activity by department.

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Aberdeen: Interactive Data Visualization: The IT Perspective

With BI being brought to all corners of the business, IT departments are facing a new reality of having to support interactive data visualization capabilities. This report takes a look under the hood of data discovery and brings to light the IT perspective about the challenges (and benefits) of balancing data governance with freeform analysis.

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Embrace innovation in today’s economically, socially and electronically connected world.

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Take advantage of analytics to reduce process flaws to operate leaner, smarter and more profitably.

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Analyze trends to capture market share, customer loyalty and nurture customer engagement.

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Deep dive into the vast amount of data to identify opportunities for new, innovative services and to gain a competitive edge.

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