Synthesize and align financial and accounting data


Steer your business performance more effectively by providing the speed, agility and foresight you need to compete successfully. Finance and business users across companies of all sizes can synthesize information, uncover trends and deliver insights to improve decision making throughout the organization.

Automate your manual processes and collaborate on planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis. Perform powerful, what-if scenario modeling for insights into product, customer and sales channel profitability.

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Financial planning and analysis

Optimize forecasting to increase revenue and reduce costs. Consolidate data from multiple sources for better planning and budgeting. Align governance models with business strategies for greater transparency.

Expense management

Transform visibility into cost-reduction opportunities. Reduce costs and expenses. Manage and investigate expenses in real-time. Understand spending trends.

Revenue and profitability management

Shift the focus to business decisions that drive profitability. Deliver a consolidated view of revenue and profits. Maximize revenue, market share and tradeoffs. Reduce slippage.


Unlocking Your Financial Data with User-Driver BI

This white paper demonstrates the rise of business discovery roles in unlocking the power of financial data with user-driven BI, and introduces how finance teams are enabled by 5 essential components for successful business discovery.

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Finance Toolkit

This Finance Toolkit application gives unparalleled insight to finance and accounting departments. Take action and improve your decision making through multiple financial analysis all within one application.

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Organisations have to understand what consumers want, and work the dynamics of supply and demand to fulfill that requirement. They need the best tools available to win customer and brand loyalty.

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Apply analytics to strategy development and operations can better protect and serve citizens.

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Take advantage of analytics to reduce process flaws to operate leaner, smarter and more profitably.

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Embrace innovation in today’s economically, socially and electronically connected world.

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