Transcript Capture and Transfer Course Evaluation

Provide transfer students information faster with automated transcript data capture and transfer course evaluation
Efficiently capturing transcript information and accurately transferring credits is a win-win: Students save money and time while institutions boost enrollment and, through superior student service, have a more content student body.  However, manual, paper-based review processes make transcript capture and transfer course evaluation (TCE) tasks long, cumbersome processes, often taking weeks – even months – to determine equivalency decisions.  

The OnBase Transcript Capture and TCE solution shaves significant time off the process, even during times of high volume. By automatically pulling demographic, term, course and grade data from electronic or scanned paper transcripts into OnBase, there’s no need to manually key transcript information into the student information systems (SIS) or other solutions used to manage student data. A partnership with Parchment, Inc., further enhances front-end capture. Parchment’s Docufide® Receiver platform provides electronic receipt of education records right into OnBase, eliminating the need to scan paper transcripts to shave even more time off of the process.

Once in OnBase, the solution searches for course equivalencies that have already been accepted by the institution in internal or external sources of course-matching information, like CollegeSource. When an equivalency is found, OnBase automatically updates the student information system (SIS). If no match is found, the solution routes the course to designated faculty for review. This increased efficiency leads to faster turnaround of transfer credit decisions.

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