State Government

Meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges with document management for state government

Every year, states confront new IT trends and challenges. Consolidation. Centralization. Cloud strategies. More with less. Transparency. Open government. Social Media.

However, one thing has remained constant for hundreds of years – documents. Documents form the core of government operations and are the common layer for all state departments. With OnBase Government Solutions, you can meet today’s challenges to do more with less, eliminating the costs associated with paper-based processes and storage while laying the groundwork for faster government.

With OnBase, you can help your employees work more efficiently and effectively by making sure the information they need to complete their work is easy to find. Do so by connecting your data systems to OnBase. By linking documents and data, employees no longer have to search through file folders, network shares or other applications to find the information they need to make a decision or solve a problem. Not only that, but you’ve made your line-of-business applications more valuable and useful as well, extending your IT investment.

And integrating with OnBase rarely requires custom coding. One tool lets you quickly integrate OnBase with your existing solutions, sometimes in minutes. We also have specific integrations with key applications like your Esri GIS or Lawson ERP. Either way, you’ll find rapid integration without the unsustainable custom code costs and service costs that can cripple your long-term solutions.

Your document management choice today will also serve you in the future as you move to mobile apps, self-service options and more transparency. With OnBase Government Solutions, you have an affordable entry point, with the flexible and phased approach of OnBase to help you grow your solution tomorrow.

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