Integration for Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise
Are you searching in multiple locations for the supporting information needed to process transactions? Are you fully leveraging your investment in your PeopleSoft application?

You've invested a significant amount of resources in your PeopleSoft system, and your employees have come to rely on it for their day-to-day business. But PeopleSoft only manages data related to your transactions – what about all the documents that support them?

By using the OnBase Integration for Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise, your users can manage their documents right from their familiar PeopleSoft interface! They can view relevant documents with the click of a button – without searching or opening another application. And this integration also syncs the data between systems, so that you always have the most up-to-date information, regardless of if you are accessing the data record in PeopleSoft, or managing a process in OnBase!

With OnBase, information and documents related to transactions are accessible directly from your ERP system. E-mail, scanned images, electronic documents, and forms – all the information needed to process transactions is available instantly from your enterprise system. During capture, OnBase automatically pulls in values from operational transaction data to eliminate manual document indexing, shortening business process cycles. Many OnBase ERP integrations provide updates in real-time, ensuring that the most current and complete information exists in both systems.

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