It's all about you



OnBase: It's all about you
Technology has changed our personal lives. On any day, at any time, wherever we are, information is instantly accessible.
Traffic conditions, weather reports, show times, restaurant reviews – it’s there when we need it.

It’s enough to make you wonder what your professional life would be like if you had the same instant access to information.
How would it change the way your work, especially if you could access information wherever you are, at any time?
And how would it change the way you make decisions and when you make them?

With OnBase, it’s all about you – your information, your business processes, your enterprise content management (ECM) solution,
working together seamlessly to provide you with a work experience like never before.


Your personalized experience: Where information finds you
With OnBase, your information finds you before you even search for it, making it even easier to connect with the information you need to get your job done.

And, it finds you wherever you are – in the office or away from your desk, giving you instant access to the information necessary to make smart, informed decisions.

But it’s more than documents that find you. It’s data, reports, notes, tasks, activities, reminders, conversations, you name it – it’s all available right when you need it most.
OnBase delivers a truly personalized ECM experience, allowing you to work the way you want to.

And there’s so much more. By exploring the Product section of, you’ll discover new ways to think about ECM and new solutions that will help power your business processes,
empower your employees and create greater success for you and your business.