Introduction to IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys

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This two-day course shows you how to analyze text or open-ended survey questions using IBM SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys. You will see the complete set of steps involved in working with text data, from reading the text data to exporting the final categories for additional analysis. Topics include how to automatically and manually create and modify categories, and how to edit synonym, type, and exclude dictionaries. Also included are examples of how to create resource templates and Text Analysis packages to share your work with other projects and other users.

Target Audience: 

This basic course is for analysts from any application area who work with surveys containing open-ended questions. This course is for users of IBM SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys software.


You should have: Some practical experience with survey research or analysis is helpful, but not required No prior experience coding open-ended questions is required, but would be helpful.

Course Outline: 
  • Introduction and overview of IBM SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys
  • Using Advanced Resources to fine-tune extraction and categorization
  • Manual category creation
  • Using the Code Frame Manager
  • Exporting categories
  • Creating Resource Templates and Text Analysis Packages
  • Managing Libraries
  • Considerations before performing text analysis
  • Using the Project Wizard to import text data
  • Text Analysis Projects
  • Using Text Analysis Packages
  • Extracting terms
  • Editing dictionaries
  • Categorization methods
  • Automatic category creation