Introduction to IBM SPSS Complex Samples

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Do you conduct studies that involve complex samples? In this one-day course, learn the concepts and issues relevant to complex sampling, and how to use the SPSS Complex Samples add-on module to create a sampling design or enter an existing one, select probability-based samples and produce statistical summaries adjusted for the sampling plan.

Target Audience: 

This basic course is for:

  • Survey researchers who conduct studies that involve complex samples.
  • Analysts who work with survey data from complex samples.

You should have:

  • On-the-job experience with SPSS for Windows or completion of the Introduction to SPSS or Statistical Analysis with SPSS courses.
  • Basic knowledge of statistics and sampling methodology will be helpful
Course Outline: 
  • Sampling basics
  • Probability and nonprobability samples
  • Sampling error
  • A sample SPSS Complex Samples session
  • Setting up a sampling plan
  • Entering an existing sampling plan:
    • Stratification and clustering
    • One - and two - stage sampling designs
  • Data format and entry
  • Frequencies and descriptive summaries
  • Crosstabulation tables and tests of independence
  • Ratio estimation
  • General Linear Models
  • T-Tests
  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression
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