Integrating Functions, Procedures and Algorithms with IBM SPSS Statistics

Course Code: 

This course will cover educate you on how to integrate custom programming functions with IBM SPSS Statistics. Topics covered include:

  • Understand and explain the concepts and benefits of programmability
  •  Locate information on and install existing extension commands
  • Create custom dialog boxes
  • Create syntax definitions for extension commands
  • Create extension commands in Python or R
Target Audience: 

This intermediate course is a natural follow-on to the introductory SPSS Statistics Syntax I course and is designed for experienced users wishing to extend the functionality of the IBM SPSS Statistics software with custom routines, external algorithms.


You should have:

  • Advanced knowledge of IBM SPSS Statistics and completed Data Management and Manipulation with IBM SPSS Statistics, Syntax 1
Course Outline: 
  •   Introduction to Extending IBM SPSS Statistics
  •   The Custom Dialog Builder
  •   The Extension Facility
  •   Defining the Extension Syntax
  •   From the IBM SPSS Statistics Parser to the Worker Function
  •   The Python or R Worker Function