IBM SPSS Statistics Base

SPSS Statistics Base provides essential statistical analysis tools for every step of the analytical process:

  • A comprehensive range of statistical procedures for conducting accurate analysis.
  • Built-in techniques to prepare data for analysis quickly and easily.
  • Sophisticated reporting functionality for highly effective chart creation.
  • Powerful visualization capabilities that clearly show the significance of your findings.
  • Support for all types of data including very large data sets.
SPSS Statistics Screenshots

heat map landing page
Monte Carlo simulation enables you to generate heat maps automatically when displaying scatterplots in which the target, the input or both are categorical. A redesigned landing page makes it easy to find the SPSS Statistics features you need quickly.
Web Report style output ui
View interactive SPSS Statistics reports via your web browser from smartphones and tablets, including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Windows and Android devices. Use conditional formatting to highlight cell background and text within tables based on the cell value.