IBM SPSS Decision Trees

IBM® SPSS® Decision Trees provides specialized tree-building techniques for classification within the IBM SPSS Statistics environment. It includes four tree-growing algorithms,
giving you the ability to try different types and find the one that best fits your data

  • CHAID — a fast, statistical, multi-way tree algorithm that explores data quickly and efficiently, and builds segments and profiles with respect to the desired outcome.
  • Exhaustive CHAID — a modification of CHAID, which examines all possible splits for each predictor.
  • Classification and regression trees (C&RT) — a complete binary tree algorithm that partitions data and produces accurate homogeneous subsets.
  • QUEST — a statistical algorithm that selects variables without bias and builds accurate binary trees quickly and efficiently.

SPSS Decision Trees Screenshots

Opening dialog box
Use the decision tree dialog box to select the dependent and independent variables to be measured and choose a tree growing method.



CHAID method
The tree diagram is a graphic representation of the tree model. This tree diagram shows that, using the CHAID method, income level is the best predictor of credit rating.