Gift Processing

Automated gift processing makes for faster fund disbursement
With Advancement or Development offices working to bring in dollars to allocate to various programs, projects, scholarships and other institutional initiatives, the impact of slow, manual, paper-based gift processing methods reaches campus-wide. 

By leveraging OnBase for Gift Processing, Advancement and Development offices electronically manage documents and utilize process automation tools to efficiently drive collection, matching and routing tasks. OnBase automatically checks for prospect matches, open pledges, gift amount thresholds and allocation designations, ensuring that no opportunities are missed. And, with preconfigured business rules built into the process workflow, OnBase then takes action — creating new records, if need be – or routing items for further review or research before sending notifications to program directors, VPs and other stakeholders.  OnBase even creates “thank you” letters and other correspondence, automatically updating donor records in the CRM or donor management system – all the while creating more time for staff members to cultivate relationships with donors and prospects.

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