Gift Contract Management

Paperless processes proactively renew annual gifts to stabilize and grow funding
Just as critical as signing new pledges, renewing annual gift contracts offers institutions predictable income and stability.  As such, Advancement or Development offices must ensure those annual renewals come in as planned. Unfortunately, paper-based filing and manual gift processing make many offices vulnerable to missed opportunities. 

With OnBase for Gift Contract Management, Advancement and Development offices manage opportunities for contract renewal, donor files and gift contracts electronically. Staff members have immediate access to all pertinent documents. More importantly, automated process workflows, bolstered by timers and notifications, alert staff of upcoming renewals well in advance of contract expiration dates. 

In addition to providing a secure repository for electronic donor files and automated tools for driving and monitoring renewals, OnBase manages any contract revision work that needs to be done. Not only does OnBase track revisions along the way (and allow those changes to be audited and reviewed), but it also stamps final versions, ensuring that only the appropriate, up-to-date version of the contract is in use during the renewal and follow-on payment process.

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