Electronic Signature Integrations


Speed service and revenue with ESIGN technologies and ECM
Electronic signatures have rapidly become one of the most powerful ways to gain efficiencies within various business processes. ESIGN technologies provide your customers and members the ability to sign electronic documents from just about anywhere. Automatic emails notify signers when their signatures are required and with the click of a button, their documents can be presented to them for signature from any computer or mobile device.

No more traveling to branches. No more piles of paper.

Using ESIGN technologies gives you tremendous benefits – especially when it comes to meeting compliance requirements. The OnBase integration for ESIGN technologies provides assurance that you take the proper steps, in the right order, every single time. Your enterprise content management (ECM) system and your ESIGN solution are connected, providing the most efficient method of capturing, storing, accessing and managing your electronic documents.

Documents that you generate and sign electronically are immediately available in a secure, central repository – speeding processes and increasing accuracy with straight-through processing. Integrating with OnBase also allows you to connect primary applications like your core banking system or loan origination system (LOS) with your documents. This empowers your employees to instantly find documents and information with the click of a mouse. With OnBase and ESIGN technology, you save time and money because you no longer have to manually print and scan copies of documents that your line-of-business systems generate.

Providing robust security, OnBase and ESIGN technologies eliminate the risk of fraudulent document alteration and guarantee your signed documents remain protected. In addition, you efficiently track electronic acknowledgements of documents. That helps you proactively comply with evolving local, state and federal regulations, and makes it easy to prepare for audits.

With the OnBase integration for ESIGN technologies, you reduce the cost and risk of paper-driven processes. Your increased speed, accuracy and security will make you an easy choice for tech-savvy customers who are looking for innovative banking alternatives.