E-Business Suite


Oracle eBusiness Suite
Are you searching in multiple locations for the supporting information needed to process transactions? Are you fully leveraging your investment in your enterprise resource planning system?

Imagine if your users could access the OnBase documents that support their business transactions right from their Oracle toolbars. With the Integration for Oracle E-Business Suite, this can become a reality. Never again will users have to search in multiple locations for information needed to complete transactions. Everything is at their fingertips – right from their Oracle screens – shrinking business cycle times without adding training costs.

And OnBase can leverage Oracle data, too. OnBase automatically pulls in values from Oracle to eliminate manual indexing on scanned or imported documents. Now your employees can spend less time managing data, documents and processes, with the Integration for Oracle E-Business Suite keeping everything in sync.

With OnBase, information and documents related to transactions are accessible directly from your ERP system. E-mail, scanned images, electronic documents, and forms – all the information needed to process transactions is available instantly from your enterprise system. During capture, OnBase automatically pulls in values from operational transaction data to eliminate manual document indexing, shortening business process cycles. Many OnBase ERP integrations provide updates in real-time, ensuring that the most current and complete information exists in both systems.