Whether you deploy your OnBase solution in the cloud or on-premises, you get the same functionality, power and performance that you expect in either environment. This flexibility not only delivers unparalleled cloud-based enterprise content management (ECM) capabilities but also allows organizations to easily migrate between the two platforms as needed.


Providing hosted solutions since 2000, Hyland Software’s OnBase Cloud is a pioneer for cloud-based ECM, with more than 500 global customers. Hyland provides a uniquely specialized content management cloud environment via six world-class, highly secure data centers strategically located around the globe. Not only is your information secure in these global data centers, Hyland also provides explicit details about where your data is actually stored. This gives you complete clarity and confidence that your data resides in a location that is compliant with the privacy and governance rules that apply to your industry and geography.


The OnBase Cloud is not your average cloud. Because of its architecture, it delivers high-volume, transactional ECM. At Hyland, we understand ECM operations and know there are times when you’ll have to upload large batches of captured documents or require your entire staff to access OnBase at the same time. Aware of these typical ECM operations, Hyland doesn’t charge any additional fees for accessing, uploading or downloading batches of documents – nor does it limit or throttle bandwidth. The OnBase Cloud is your ECM cloud – unrestricted and full speed, allowing your business to process all of the information you need, when you need it and as efficiently as possible.


No matter how you deploy OnBase, your needs are met with a single solution. Start with one deployment method and change it if needed. Whether in the cloud or on the ground, your OnBase solution will meet your ECM-related needs.