Scalable Platform to Deploy and Share Analytics


Alteryx Server accelerates time to analytical insight and empowers analysts and business users across your organization to make better, more informed, data-driven decisions. By providing a scalable platform to deploy and share analytics, teams can collaborate on business-critical decisions quickly and easily.

Not only does Alteryx Server provide self-service data analytics, it’s IT friendly too. With 24x7 dependability and advanced administration options, you can avoid costly business interruptions and potential security issues. And with built in APIs and macros, you can integrate Alteryx processes directly into other internal and external applications easily for additional extensibility.

Enterprise Analytics at Scale

Alteryx Server is the fastest and easiest way to deploy data intensive analytics across your enterprise with effective and secure collaboration across teams.

Enterprise Scalability

Alteryx Server offers multiple ways to scale your enterprise analytics and offload data intensive processes to a scalable, reliable server architecture that delivers faster time-to-insight, better governance, and improved analytic capabilities.

Sharing & Collaboration

Easily create, publish, and share analytic workflows and applications with other analysts across your organization using a private gallery or extend the data directly into other applications using our APIs and macros.

Analytic Governance

When it comes to deploying enterprise self-service data analytics, and managing multiple teams collaborating together, Alteryx enables centralized analytic workflow development and management that doesn’t break existing IT governance controls.


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Alteryx Server Overview Demo

In this 5 minute demo, you will see how Alteryx Server provides a secure and scalable platform for sharing analytics to empower everyone to make data-driven decisions.

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With the Alteryx Server at the heart of your analytics culture, data scientists and citizen users alike can spend more time answering the questions you didn’t know you had, and IT can rest easy knowing they have the visibility, control and audibility needed to manage self-service analytics at scale, making analytic governance the easiest part the day.

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Empowers data analysts by combining data preparation, data blending, and analytics – predictive, statistical and spatial – using the same intuitive user interface.

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Accelerate the end-to-end analytic process to dramatically improve analytic productivity and information governance.

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Deploy directly from the Alteryx Designer code-free environment or expose R and Python models via standard REST API requests, instead of recoding the models.

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