Data-to-decisions Methodology

Ford Analytics Team Democratizes Data-driven Analysis

Organizations that want to apply consistent data management, governance and security practices across their organization can learn a lot from Ford Motor Company. Data-driven decision making led Ford Motor Company to perfect the vehicle assembly line in 1913. A century later, Ford had more than 4,600 data sources, and a wide range of analytical tools, methods, and processes in use throughout the company, and needed a more strategic approach to decision-making.

With the appointment of a Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Ford elevated data-driven decision-making to C-Level status, a crucial step in the journey to digital transformation. And, with the creation of the Global Data Insights and Analytics (GDIA) unit, Ford invested in making data and data science talent strategic assets that can be shared and applied across the organization.

Download this case study from Constellation Research to learn how Ford and the GDIA unit applies data-to-decisions methodology across hundreds of projects each year.

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